Estratetraenol is a female sex pheromone commonly found in all primates, including humans but it is not present in men. Like most other pheromones, this airborne molecule can stimulate the vomeronasal organ (VNO - organ used to detect pheromones) of the opposite sex and it is believed to induce similar feelings in men as androstadienone does in women, i.e. affecting their mood and attention. Hence, estratetraenol softens the mood of people around, making them friendlier and creates an aura of femininity. It arouses men's protective feelings and encourages their desire to cuddle with you. Estratetraenol can be effectively mixed with various other pheromones and copulins.

Examples of pheromone products containing estratetraenol

Estratetraenol + Letter A Pheromones: Alpha-Dream, True Love, Pheromore-M, etc.

Estratetraenol + Letter A Pheromones + Copulins: Pheromore-F, True Love for Women, PherX Pheromone Perfume for Women and Gay Women, Donna Amore, etc.

For additional information on different other pheromone combinations please refer to the tables on pheromones for men and pheromones for women.