Copulins are chemicals that act like pheromones but they are structurally different and deserve a class of their own. They help increase the bond between male and female and promote the man's desire to copulate. These so-called female sex pheromones secreted by female vagina into the vaginal fluid can be found in all primates, including humans but they are not present in males. Copulins are being transmitted from female to male either through the air or by genital contact and since they are being released during ovulation their job is to attract men when it is the best time to mate. The research shows that these molecules affect the male's brain, controlling not only his sexual behaviour but also his dominant as well as submissive behaviour. Once these tiny chemicals are transmitted from the female to the male they not only increase his testosterone levels and cause feeling of sexual arousal but they also encourage him to please her and offer her gifts. Hence, it is believed that a man who smells copulins on a woman not only perceives her as being more attractive and wishes to have a sex with her but their effects also increase his caring feelings, affecting his desire to engage in a long term relationship. Copulins are most potent when combined with other pheromones such as androstenol or estratetraenol.

Examples of pheromone products containing copulins

Copulins + Letter A Pheromones: Scent of Eros for Women, Primal Instinct for Women, Pheromax for Women, New Passion Pheromone Attractant for Women, Max Attraction to Attract Men, Patch for Women, etc.

Copulins + Letter A Pheromones + Estratetraenol: Donna Amore, PherX Pheromone Perfume for Women and Gay Women, True Love for Women, Pheromore-F, etc.

For more information on different other pheromone combinations please refer to the tables on pheromones for men and pheromones for women.